Christmas Wish Angels

Each holiday season, one program comes up that all our employees are always SO excited to participate in. ‘Christmas Wish Angels’ is a program in partnership with the Directwest & SaskTel Pioneers, and two partner schools here in Regina (Kitchener and Sacred Heart). Students in Pre-K to Grade 3, along with their teachers, compile wish lists with 3 gifts each student would like to receive from Santa. Employees are then free to open their own wallets and purchase for as many angels as they’d like (a $ limit is placed on each ‘angel’), many choosing to purchase for more than one.

This year, myself and other employees decided to support local and do our Wish Angels shopping at a Regina toy store, Zippity Zoom Toys. Supporting local is important to us, and the fact that we get to do it while putting a smile on children’s faces makes it even better. I was also secretly excited to get back to my childhood roots and shop for Lego, toy cars, and stuffed animals. We even found a Lite Brite, which I had no idea was still around!


Personally, I feel this to be an extremely gratifying program that is heartwarming and so worthwhile to be a part of. While we don’t get to see the excitement and look on the children’s faces, knowing that you’ve provided them with something that they otherwise wouldn’t receive is so emotionally rewarding. The kids are so grateful for the gifts, and in some instances it’s even been shared with us that they save the gift to give to a brother or sister for Christmas.

Vet Set

While this great program is limited to Directwest & SaskTel employees, there are plenty more ways to give this holiday season:

We hope you find a way to give back this year, no matter how big or small. Happy Holidays!

– Danny Loughren is a Product Consultant on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team at Directwest.

December 24th, 2018

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