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Glossary of Terms


Mysask411: Saskatchewan’s source for local business information, via the Mysask411 App,, and 306411 Text Service. We’ll help you find what you’re looking for in SK with accurate and current local info.

Contact Information: We’ll help you be found, by positioning your businesses name, address and phone number where consumers are looking for you.

Category: A category is your Business information, available in the format of a listing, text and/or image placed in headings associated to your line of business.

Digital: Digital refers to online, mobile, digital billboards, and social products and services that promote your businesses at every state of a consumer’s buying phase. We’ll get you talked about!

Creative: Let’s get your brand some more love, through ad placement in your Phonebook, on and the Mysask411 App. It’ll generate exposure for your business and help you reach more consumers!

Facebook Advertising: Ads that appear in the news feed on Facebook.

Facebook Boosted Posts: Boosting ($) a post so that more of your audience is exposed to the post.