Direct Mail


Target your message with Direct Mail.

Our Direct Mail product is a customized start-to-finish solution.


Direct mail has a median ROI of 29%. This falls right between social media marketing and paid search.

Attract new business with our powerful tools.

Creative Design & Messaging

Enhance your campaign and appeal to your audience.

Targeted Delivery

Accurate deliveries using Canada Post’s Precision Targetter tool.

Multi-Market Coverage

Reach customers anywhere in Canada.

Additional Features Overview

Direct Mail Features

  • Printing, delivery, and distribution of mail pieces all taken care of.
  • Discounted postage rates.

Why Directwest?

  1. We’ve earned your trust for over 100 years by connecting buyers and sellers. Now, you can continue trusting us to recommend the right mix of digital marketing services.
  2. Our experience has made us experts. Our in-house web, digital billboard and Google Ads experts have extensive experience creating successful campaigns for your business.