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Opt-out of receiving the SaskTel Phonebook


We get it – you’re 100% digital! 

You are probably already using Mysask411 to access all the same great information without the book but if you’re not, download the Mysask411 App or visit for the online directory plus more SK related content at your fingertips!

If you wish to opt-out of receiving the SaskTel phonebook please call us at 1-800-667-8201 or send an email to with your name, phone number and mailing address (including postal code) requesting to be removed from the distribution list.

Our process is opt-out vs opt-in because:

  • Many people who still use and want/need the phonebook would have a harder time opting in vs. those who have the means to opt out.
  • Not all areas of Saskatchewan have access to high-speed internet or in some cases, any internet at all.

If your phonebook is not delivered or you want additional copies call us at 1-800-667-8201, send an email to with your name, phone number, mailing address (including postal code), the phonebook you would like ex. Moose Jaw & District, and the number of books you want, or watch for a posted depot near you to pick one up! *Phonebook requests are typically delivered in 7-10 business days.

Can’t find who you are looking for? Being listed in the phonebook is a choice, whether you have a landline or a cellphone, it’s your call. Not being listed is as simple as calling SaskTel.