Finding the Right Billboard Design

May 27, 2022

Our customer serves residential and commercial customers in a major Saskatchewan market. Digital Billboards are a great fit for creating awareness and leads.

The customer saw the value of Digital Billboard advertising but selected a very busy design. It included their logo, two taglines, a value statement and several product logos. It was a lot for a passing motorist to read. 

Our team felt a clean creative design with a single call to action would work better.  So they worked with the customer to develop a visually appealing, easy to view creative design as a replacement for both their Digital Billboard and Search Marketing campaigns.

The results? The original design was not perfect, but still had a significant impact, helping to drive an average of 230 monthly clicks to their website.  But the improved creative design resulted in even better value – an average of 353 clicks per month, a 53% increase.

When designing Digital Billboard ads, less is often more. Our experienced creative team will provide their guidance and find messaging and graphics that will work.

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