Be in the Right Place at the Right Time with Search Marketing

June 8, 2022

We work with a small business that does excavating and sewer line replacement in a large Saskatchewan market.

While our customer’s business is small, they need to keep their calendar full to experience a profitable month.  But much of their work is required urgently – no business or homeowner wants to be without a sewer line for any length of time – and there is little ability to plan ahead. 

Due to the timely nature of their industry, our customer needs his message to be available where and when homeowners or business owners are searching for the service to capture the business he needs.

The Directwest team worked with him to develop a Google search campaign with a modest monthly budget to attract highly motivated internet users to their sewer line replacement service. As each job is time consuming and somewhat expensive, the revenue potential was significant.

The results?  Over a 3-month period, the Google search campaign created an average of 33 leads per month.  These leads led to large jobs, creating an average of over $7,000 in new revenue per month.  Total return on investment for this customer was over 400%.

Our Search Marketing products can reach a wide or targeted audience quickly and efficient.  Contact a Directwest Media Advisor to learn more about what it can do for you.