Ambassador Coffee Service

August 22, 2023

A good marketing plan involves a well-rounded program. We used some of the strongest tools in our belt, great relationship building and proof of value to lead Ambassador Coffee Service through the development of a complete marketing plan. By gaining their trust and demonstrating ROI, they’ve gone from dabbling in Search Marketing to a program that includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, Spotify and DOOH.

Digital Billboard Campaign Creative – December 2022

Understanding the Customer’s Challenges

When the pandemic hit, our customer, Ambassador Coffee Service, had three big challenges to overcome:

  1. During the pandemic, they understood that it was time to put added focus on their online store.
  2. At the same time, their home and office delivery service became more important than ever, and they needed more leads for those large, reoccurring sales.
  3. They were also faced with the task of raising awareness of their sister company, Caliber Coffee Roasters. Caliber provides premium coffee products to Regina and area consumers and businesses.

As the effects of the pandemic have dissipated, they’re finding that their online store is still an excellent way to capture new leads and expand their market area. They have consistently turned to Media Specialist Ward Paterson and Directwest’s subject matter experts to maximize their exposure and the number of leads generated.

Having worked with Kyle throughout the years, I have recognized and understood the various revenue lines for their businesses.  I am excited to develop campaigns that focus on their goals, while delivering measurable results. It’s amazing to see how the campaigns get stronger with time.

– Ward Paterson, Media Specialist

When Ward found out Ambassador was interested in radio advertising, he saw Spotify as an opportunity. Spotify can target music listeners much more closely than broadcast radio. Plus, we’re able to learn which targeted audiences are most effective for Ambassador Coffee Service, meaning that their campaigns become more and more effective. For example, we can target Spotify listeners by their:

  • Music preferences
  • Geographic location
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle interests – these can be very specific, books, comedy, history, parenting, etc.

And, we can retarget listeners who have engaged with previous ads, or with similar ads. Broadcast radio, on the other hand, can’t focus on young alternative music fans in Regina who are interested in fitness and science.

One of the most important things was showing that there is some consistency with Ambassador’s account.  Scott, one of our Search Marketing experts, has also been heavily involved with Ambassador and has been a great resource.  Ambassador Coffee Service’s owner, Kyle, is technologically advanced and what is important to him is being able to see quality metrics.  We must be able to tie whatever we’re doing back into his system so they can see the results.  Another thing that is important is integration with his own creative team.  Kyle has a creative artist on staff, Bree, who ensures our suggestions and efforts are in line with their goals.

It worked.

Our most recent campaign with Ambassador focused on Spotify and Facebook. Spotify was used for exposure for their coffee service.  Price point was important. Kyle shared how expensive radio would be, and that Spotify could fill the need as well as the tracking aspect.  With Facebook we took a different approach.  Scott took it upon himself to find out more about Facebook Shopping ads and was able to integrate the Facebook Shopping ads right into Ambassador Coffee Service’s ecommerce store.

Facebook Shopping Ads Produce Results

Scott also implemented a Facebook Shopping Ad campaign, starting in February 2023. The goal of the campaign was to generate clicks to their website. It’s also created some great purchase results directly from the ad as well as “add to carts”, checkouts and messenger conversations. Add to carts are valuable, as visitors are likely to return to the website later. And online conversations can often turn into great lead opportunities. Ambassador has been impressed with the results and renewed the campaign in May for another 3 months.

Overall, the campaigns have and continue to work well. The multi-channel approach, using Spotify and Facebook, in addition to billboards and Snap Chat has really elevated their exposure for a cost-effective price.  The best thing about all these platforms is being able to measure the results in real time and adjust the campaign if needed.

Good Plans, Great Results

When a customer like Ambassador Coffee Service is willing to explore different media options, it opens a world of opportunities. Working with us, they’re able to compare results from different media and see the proof of value our products and more importantly our team brings to the table.