110 friendly team members in Regina and Saskatoon.

Our 110 team members based in Regina and Saskatoon, are friendly and highly trained. Get to know us better here, get in touch, or simply say ‘hi’ next time you bump into one of us in your local coffee shop.

Executive Staff


Jeff Barschel

Director of Information Technology - Project Delivery

Jenn Block

Director of Information Systems - Technical Services

Michelle Chittenden

Director of Human Resources & Industrial Relations

Trevor De Wildt

Director of Sales – Strategy

Trevor Godlien

Director of Financial Services

Matt Hanson

Director of Sales

Danielle Jangula

Acting Director of Customer Support – Operations

Dave Kindred

Director - Business Development

Shannon Sambrook

Director of Customer Support - Strategic Development


Jeff Allers

Marketing Manager - Revenue Growth

Tim Dickson

Information Systems Manager - Desktop

Jenna Gaube

Jenna Gaube

Marketing Manager - Revenue Growth

Carol Houston

Operations & Logistics Manager - End User Support

Lesleah Leont

Operations & Logistics Manager - Fulfillment

Danny Loughren

Marketing Manager - Brand

Blair Maki

Business Support Manager - Web Design

Pam Marriott

Marketing Manager - Digital Platforms

Allan Millham

Marketing Manager - Revenue Growth

Raelyn Popadynec

Production Manager

Drew Renwick

Business Support Manager - Revenue Growth

Paige Sandvold

Marketing Manager – Content

Sarah Sinclair

Business Support Manager - Customer Support

Ashley Surkan

Human Resources Manager – Staffing & Retention

Tony Thul

Technical Development Manager - Revenue Growth

Sales Managers

Anne Boschman

Kris Molnar

Kris Molnar

Darren Moline

Darren Moline

Media Advisors

Media Coordinators

Lisa Baumgart

Matthew Haacke

Stacey Jacob

Ashley Raddysh

Steve Shore

Steve Shore

Matthew Haacke

If you want to join our team, please submit your resume and cover letter to Tracy Ziegler, Human Resources Manager.

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