Social Media Q & A

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What is the Social Media Dashboard?

The Social Media Dashboard is a software that allows you to see all your social media platforms in one place. Through the dashboard you can schedule posts to your social platforms as well as see basic stats on how your channels are performing.

What is the difference between Facebook Ads and boosted posts?

Facebook advertising is creating an ad to place in the news feed on Facebook. Boosted posting is highlighting an existing post so that more of your audience is exposed to the post.

What kind of ads can I run through Facebook?

Facebook ads can be images, text or a combination of both.

Can I use my own images for Facebook advertising?

Yes, if you have your own images you can use them for your Facebook ads. If you don’t have images, we can work with you to get photos taken for your ads.

How long will my Facebook ads run?

Your Facebook ads run for three months at a time.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend for Facebook Ads?

Our Facebook Advertising starts at $300.00. Prices vary.

Do I need my own Facebook page set up to run Facebook Ads with Directwest?

Yes, to use our Facebook Advertising you need to have a Facebook page already set up for your business.

What kind of reporting do I receive with my social media products?

With the Social Media dashboard you have access to insights and analytics anytime for all the platforms connected to your dashboard.

Who’s responsible for creating my ads and social posts?

With our Facebook Ads product, we work with you to create the ad you want to display and post it for you. With our Social Media Dashboard, you are responsible for creating and posting your own ads.

What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook?

The main benefits of advertising through Facebook are options for detailed targetting abilities and the reach potential.

What social products does Directwest offer?

At Directwest, we offer Facebook ads accompanied and a Social Media Dashboard.