Photography and Video Production Q & A

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How long will it take to receive my videos?

The entire process from shoot to upload takes approximately four weeks.

How long will it take to receive my photos?

The entire process from shoot to upload takes approximately four weeks.

How do I receive my photos?

When your photos are ready, a link will be sent to you to choose the photos you like best.

What do I receive with the Professional Headshots package?

The Professional Headshots package includes 20 high definition photos of your staff.

Why do I need professional photos?

Photos are a reflection of your brand. High-quality, professional images ensure your products and services are adding value to your brand reputation.

What photo products do you offer?

We offer two photo packages: a Twenty Image Photoshoot and Professional Headshots.

What does the Twenty Image Photoshoot include?

The Twenty Image Photoshoot includes a professional photo shoot at the location of your choice anywhere across Saskatchewan. After the shoot you will receive 20 high definition photos that are yours to own and use in your advertising.

What are 10 Second Videos?

With our 10 second videos product, you receive six 10 second videos. These videos are perfect for delivering key messages to your audience.

What does the Custom Video product include?

Our Custom Video product is a personalized 60 second video that our videographers produce in your place of business. We take care of the entire process from shooting to editing to uploading the final approved video.

What do Social Media Videos include?

With our Social Media Video product we create four 15-30 second videos for you to use on your social media platforms or as additional advertising content. Our video team helps you choose the right topics for your business, edits the videos and provides voice-overs if needed.

Do I have to choose one location for a video?

No, you can choose to shoot your video in more than one location. Please speak to your Media Advisor for more details.

What’s a Photo Montage?

A photo montage is a collection of ten images supplied by you. We provide editing, voice-over and background music to create your video.

What are Customer Supplied Videos?

Customer supplied videos are simply videos you have supplied to be uploaded to Mysask411.

Can I shoot a video anywhere or does it have to be in my business location?

We film anywhere in Saskatchewan.

Who does your video production?

We partner with Aspen Films for our video products.

Why should I use video content to promote my business?

Video content helps create an emotional connection with consumers. Relatability is a key factor in increasing engagement with your brand. Videos also allow you to highlight your products, services, location, employees and more in an easy to digest format.