Local Deals Q & A

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How do I keep track of my offers?

When you sign up for Local Deals you receive access to an easy to use portal that allows you to view, edit and update your offers whenever you choose.

What kind of tracking will I receive for the Local Deals product?

Through the easy to use portal, you can see basic analytics on your offers. It’s important to note not all offer types include digital tracking. Speak to your Media Advisor to learn more.

How do I know my offers are being seen and getting used?

Our Local Deals products comes with an easy-to-use portal and lead tracking. It’s important to note that not all offers are digitally tracked. To learn more about tracking your offers, please speak to your Media Adviser.

How often can I make changes to my offers?

With the easy to use portal, you can access and update your offers at any time.

Can I have offers in more than one location?

Yes! Our platforms make it easy for you to promote your offers in as many locations as you want.

Who’s GetintheLoop?

GetintheLoop is a digital shop local community that makes it easier to explore, discover offers and rewards while supporting local businesses. As a leader for small business advertising in SK, we partnered with GITL to help our customers expand their reach and distribute their offers straight to the screens of local consumers.

What types of offers can I promote with Local Deals?

There are 4 offer types available with the Local Deals product: Reach + Offers – additional awareness and reach for your current promotions. Punch Card Offers – collect punches to earn a free item. Exclusive Offers – top performing offers where consumers need to mention or show the offer to redeem the benefit. Limited Quantity Offers – limit the total times an offer can be used.

How many offers can I have live at one time?

With Local Deals you can have up to 5 offers live at one time.

Where are my offers seen?

Your offers are accessible on the Mysask411 and GetintheLoop platforms.

Why are Local Deals beneficial to my business?

Our Local Deals product gives you a way to expand your reach and provide valuable offers to your customers to keep them coming back.