Marketing Playbook For SMB’s: Part 1

June 4, 2020

Your Marketing Playbook.

Now is the best time to evaluate your marketing plan. The business landscape has changed over the last couple months and this includes consumer purchasing behavior. As a small business you’ve had to adapt, become creative in how you serve your customers and as the re-open Saskatchewan Phases move along your “new normal” will start to fall into place.
We’ve put together a Marketing Playbook for SMB’s that provides concepts and methods for approaching your businesses marketing plan with a set of tactics used frequently. So, whether you can return to business as usual or need to adjust your advertising we’ve got you covered.

In this three-part series we will explain why both traditional and digital marketing is still important, why having a strong website is crucial (complete with SEO tactics) and the effectiveness of out of home advertising, yes, billboards!
Let’s jump right in!

Why both Traditional and Digital Marketing is Important for SMB’s.
Having a mix of traditional and digital approaches to marketing brings big benefits.
Basic concept: if an approach to marketing leads to a positive action on the part of the customer or potential customer, it’s worth pursuing.

Directory and online directory advertising.
In our province, directory advertising is a tried-and-true method – a printed listing in the phonebook. The same great information found in the printed phonebook is also accessible digitally on Mysask411 – an up-to-date online source that lists important business information making it easier than ever to be found by consumers. At Directwest, we strive to connect buyers and sellers by helping local businesses establish a strong aligned presence across multiple advertising mediums.

Direct Mail.
Another effective method of traditional advertising is direct mail. With the introduction of targeted direct mail, you can launch a campaign that hits your target customers and those who have the highest intent to purchase. Gone are the days of mass mail outs! In Canada, the stats speak for themselves:

And remember, don’t get rid of an approach if it still works! While some methods may seem outdated or traditional, many consumers continue to find value in them.

Putting it all together.
When it comes to your marketing mix, it’s also important to consider
the cost, effort and other factors that might play a role. The cost of different marketing approaches can be impacted by the number of people needed (effort) and the length of time you wish to use that medium. Make sure your marketing mix doesn’t require more effort or cost than you’re getting in returned benefits.

The right marketing mix starts with defining your unique value proposition and knowing how to best reach your current and target customers. It’s about building lasting relationships through shared values and a commitment to provide quality products and services.

Your marketing plan is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. It requires ongoing review and evaluation. If you don’t have the time or manpower to create a strong marketing foundation for your business, Directwest can help.

Stay tuned as next week we’ll add Websites, Search Engine Optimization and Google into the mix!