Know more about your competition than they know about themselves (Yes, it’s possible!)

December 4, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to sit in your competitor’s restaurant and listen to what their customers are saying – good or bad – about the business? You could collect amazing intel and use it to make strong decisions for your business.

Three ladies having tea with dainties and employee eavesdropping on their conversation

Unfortunately, no small business owner has time to be a sleuth so you need to rely on a robust tool (more to come on this) to be your spy! I see this as a win-win situation for any small business owner and I’ll tell you why. The online world has added more pressure on businesses than ever to reach the right audiences and manage what the public is saying. The online world is huge, but with the right tool, all the conversations that are happening about your competition can be managed with one sleek dashboard. This is an opportunity that didn’t exist before the world-wide-web!

Our Reputation Spy product will monitor the reputation of your closest competitors. Reputation Spy will follow the online activity, reputation and reviews of your competition and determine how your business compares to your competitors, all from an easy to use, self-serve dashboard.

Find out why certain products are not meeting sales targets and why your competitor’s store is full on a Saturday morning and your business is quiet. The more information you gather on what people are saying about your competitors the better equipped you are to make positive changes to your business model.

Next week, the last blog on our reputation suite of products will focus on letting the experts save you time! See you then!

– Sarah Elchuk is a Product Consultant on the Revenue Growth Team at Directwest.