Directwest Partners with Buckets & Borders and The Cage

August 19, 2022

At Directwest, we strive everyday to work towards improving Saskatchewan through many initiatives, including helping businesses succeed by offering digital marketing services to promote their business. As our employees live, work, and play in this province, it’s also important to us that we support the community through charitable donations and sponsoring local organizations.

One of our key partnerships over this past year was our support of Buckets & Borders and The Cage, a local Regina basketball court at Sheldon Williams Collegiate. Buckets & Borders is a local non-profit organization with the mandate to refurbish and build basketball courts, provide youth resources, tell impactful stories, and strategically grow basketball in Saskatchewan. As part of their purpose is to improve the communities they live in, it aligned perfectly with our purpose at Directwest.

In our talks with Buckets & Borders, they let us know that Munz Media was planning to produce a documentary about the refurbishment of The Cage. To help with the cause, we entered into a partnership with Munz Media to support the production of the documentary which would help more and more people learn about the amazing job Buckets & Borders is doing.

You can learn more about our partnership here:

We’re so proud of what Munz Media and Buckets & Borders were able to accomplish and how we could assist them in reaching more people. If you’re interested in viewing the full documentary, all three episodes can be found here. For further information and to apply for sponsorship opportunities through Directwest, visit us at

Danny Loughren is the Brand Manager on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team.