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October 16, 2017

Today’s consumer audience is more disjointed than ever. We use multiple electronic devices and print media, and frequently switch between them. In this complex retail environment, it is becoming challenging for businesses to reach their target audience, and even more difficult to grow and engage with that audience. Many opportunities will arise for businesses when they determine who their audience is, where they are active and how to best reach them.

While Saskatchewan consumers have embraced mobile devices and social media, traditional media has not been abandoned by consumers and remains well trusted. It’s simply being supplemented by other search sources. This means that businesses must reference multiple channels to reach the same audience, and each channel may require content that is individualized to that medium.

Steps businesses in Saskatchewan need to take:

  • Ensure that you have a responsive website. A responsive website adapts to fit multiple devices, such as desktop computers, smartphones with varying screen sizes and tablets. Consumers use many different devices and expect a great user experience on all of them.
  • Enter your business into the realm of social media. And social media in Saskatchewan is more than just Facebook! By posting and engaging with your audience regularly, you will have opportunities to build relationships with new and existing consumers, earn their trust and provide the reviews and recommendations that they are seeking. Social media management is very time consuming, so feel free to ask DirectWest for help.
  • Develop strong content that focuses on the convenience of your location, encourages customer reviews, and highlights the reputation and reliability of your business. As well, you need to recognize that each channel that carries your business content has a different audience and a different user experience. Your business content must be customized for each.
  • Take advantage of the very high purchase intentions of printonline and mobile directory users. They remain a ready to buy audience; they have already identified a need and are ready to spend money.

Note: This article references Directwest’s Social Media Marketing product that has now been discontinued.