All businesses need a Website!

November 13, 2017

“Give me a second, I’ll Google it.”

I’m willing to bet if you haven’t uttered this phrase yourself, you’ve heard it, probably more than a few times. For most people (whether we’re willing to admit it or not), our day to day lives revolve around the internet. From research for work to online shopping or planning a vacation, the World Wide Web provides access to pretty much everything. And the best part? It’s right at our fingertips.

If you’re a small business owner, having an online presence is a must, and a well-built website is a great place to start. No matter what industry you work in, here are 5 ways a website can help your business:

1.Extending local reach/Expanding your market.

Take your business beyond your physical location and reach more potential customers looking for the products and services you provide.

2. Increased visibility.

Regardless of hours of operation, a content-rich website allows existing and potential customers to find your products and services 24/7.

3.Powerful sales tool.

The right website design gives you the opportunity to highlight the products and services you offer customers through quality images and videos as well as the chance to share recommendations from previous/existing customers.

4.Improved customer conversations.

Instantly connect with past, present and future customers. Responding to customer comments and reviews in a timely fashion greatly improves the chances of turning new customers into returning customers.

5.Customer education.

A website can be an easy and cost-effective way to make customers aware of changes to your business such as new products and services or a move to a new storefront location.

These are just a few of the many ways that speaking to one of our Media Advisors about the website products we offer could benefit your business. If you don’t have a website already or aren’t pleased with your current one, what are you waiting for?

Note: This article references Directwest’s Website product that has now been discontinued.