So, what is that thing we call an SSL Certificate?

October 16, 2018

For those of us keeping track of Google’s latest security news, an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a step towards a more secure web environment. But what does that really mean?

It means, Google has made changes to its Chrome browser, requiring all websites to have the SSL certificate to appear as secure. Here, let me show you what that looks like:

An SSL certificate is a data file that is installed on your company website. This process includes the validation of your web domain.  The SSL certificate changes your website’s application protocol known as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), to HTTPS (‘s’ standing for ‘secure’), ensuring that information passed between the web server and the browser remain private. A lock icon located just beside the domain name, as shown above, will indicate a secure site. Voilà, all done!

What’s in it for me you may ask? Well, a secure site, that keeps the information on your site secure.

The SSL certificate keeps things like credit cards, data transfers and logins private. Why not protect your customers and guarantee them a safe experience on your website? It’s only going to help you in the long run!

We recommend that all websites have an SSL certificate as a digital best practice. If you’re interested in having an SSL certificate for your website, please call Directwest to speak to one of our Media Advisors. We’re here to help!

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Lisa Mickler was a Product Consultant on the Brand, Digital Platforms & Research Team at Directwest.