Longer Billboard Campaigns Yield More Growth

July 26, 2022

Our customer provides specialized vehicle repairs in a large Saskatchewan market. Maintaining brand awareness is essential so their business comes to mind when vehicle repairs are unexpectedly required, but the business was also looking for long term success.  Their goal was to implement a plan that would be equally or more successful with each passing year, leading to continued growth in their website traffic over time.

Our team developed consistent 12-month Digital Billboard campaigns over a four-year period, and website traffic was measured to track and respond to success.

The results?  The average web clicks to the customer’s website grew in year one by 91% and continued to increase in the following years to represent a total 117% increase by year four.

chart showing increased success over 3 years

Providing their message on Digital Billboards brought this customer increased value every year, suggesting lengthier campaigns can deliver greater return.