High Value of Video Ad Campaigns

September 21, 2021

“Content” – the buzzword of the last few years in the marketing and advertising industry. Content marketing has always been an effective way to promote your business, but we’ve seen a major shift over the last number of years towards video marketing in campaigns. Here at Directwest, we’ve seen incredible results recently with many of our video campaigns.

Whether it’s promoting your products or promoting your brand, we believe that video is the most effective way to do this. While it can be more expensive than a typical campaign, the advancements of technology have started to bring down those costs and allow you to produce video at a reasonable budget, especially for small and medium businesses.

When developing our most recent campaign that just launched on September 20, we wanted to tell the story of the businesses we work with and their loyal customers. To do that we looked at many different avenues, but we landed on video as it allows you to tell your story in a unique way to the viewer that graphics and imagery just can’t capture.

We couldn’t have imagined the end result turning out any better than it did. By going with video for this campaign, we were able to capture the story of Quinn and Kim Flower’s, but also the unique relationship that they have with Dawn, one of their loyal customers. That unique relationship is really what makes shopping local so important these days, especially as these business owners continue to make their way through the pandemic.

If you have interest in using video for your next advertising campaign, or to use on your website to tell the story of your business, we can help! Visit directwest.com or call us at 1-800-667-8201 to learn more about our video offering.

Daniel Loughren is a Marketing Manager on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team at Directwest.