4 Reasons to Consider Texting Your Customers

I know you do it. We all know you do it – A couple of quick swipes and you’ve clicked that button. You’ve landed on a website. You’ve clicked on their little telephone icon button. And, you’ve started to call that business.

Before this digital age, phone conversations with businesses were essential. From booking appointments and ordering a pizza, to finding out store hours and locations, businesses depended on consumers to reach out to them to have their questions answered.

When you think about it, mobile has transformed the way we communicate with each other. Especially, the way we interact with businesses. But when you think about the way you contact a business, how do you do it? Do you send a quick email or give them a call?

Many of us are accustomed to texting when we need a quick response or when we don’t have the time to have a lengthy conversation. So, why haven’t businesses adopted the practice of texting their customers?

For business owners, texting has the potential to help you reach more customers more quickly and enhance your customers’ experience.

Here’s 4 great reasons why you should start texting your customers:

  1. It’s where your customers are at.

Worldwide Fact: Did you know that more people have access to mobile phones than toilets? (UNICEFAdobe).

If your average customer lives in Saskatchewan, then chances are (like most people), they own a smartphone. Insightrix found that 98% of residents under the age of 48, and 79% of residents between the age of 49 and 67, own a smartphone. Now if your core customers are teens, by George, are you in luck! 99% of teens between the ages of 14 and 17 own a smartphone.

Also, where is your phone right now? According to CTIA, 89% of smartphone users have their smart phones within arm’s reach! In Saskatchewan, smartphones are not only the most used device, but it’s where most people spend their time.

So, if you’re looking for new ways to reach your customers, leveraging the platforms or devices your customers use most is a good place to start.

  1. Unlike emails, your text has a better chance of being read.

Think about the many unread emails in your inbox for a second. Now think about how many unread text messages you have? Notice the difference?

Hubspot looked at over 25 million emails across 28 industries and determined the average open rate for emails sits comfortably at 32%. Pretty low, especially when you compare that to the Canadian Text Messaging Usage Preferences study, which puts text messaging open rates at a whopping 95%.

And that’s not even the best part, most Canadians open their text messages within three minutes of being received.

If you are struggling to get customers to respond to emails or that voicemail you left last week, texting can streamline your communication as your customer (1) most likely reads their texts, and (2) reads them quickly.

  1. Text messaging is just good customer service. 

If customer service is a top priority for your business, then finding fast, efficient and convenient ways to communicate with your customers must be on your list.

In Connecting with Text, AT&T found that 81% of consumers agree that it is frustrating to be tied to a phone or computer to wait for customer service help.

Not only is texting affordable, convenient and efficient, it allows you as a business owner to deliver fast service, increase customer satisfaction, and have meaningful conversations, at the right time for both of you. Twilio also found that 97% of consumers will give more business to companies that respond quickly to them.

Therefore, a quick text message conversation to answer even the most basic of questions can make it easier for your customers to decide between you and your competitors. Your customers will appreciate your ability to respond to them sooner and will reward you for doing so.

  1. It’s what your customers want.

A long, long time ago, in 2016 to be exact, a ridiculous 150 million texts were sent to landline numbers every day. Clearly, people want to text businesses and would prefer to send a text, over a call or email. And Twilio confirms it: 89% of consumers would like to use messaging to communicate with businesses, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to connect with customers through a message.

So, you may be asking yourself why you haven’t taken the leap and started texting your customers?

Is it possible you don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re always on the go and don’t have the resources to figure it out. Or, perhaps you didn’t know there was such an option.

Not to worry! We have a free solution for you. With Mysask411’s new feature, “Text a Business,” you can receive text messages straight from your listing on the Mysask411app. With your mobile business number, customers can come to you, using the most efficient communication avenue available today.

You will be able to enhance your customer service, meet your customers’ needs more efficiently while saving yourself the most time. We streamline the process for you by providing a platform that allows your customers to reach you directly!

So, if you’re always on the go and don’t always have the time to respond to emails or return phone calls, “Text a Business” may just be the time-saver that you need. Contact your media adviser, call us at 1-800-667-8201 or shoot us an email at dw@directwest.com to get started!

– Rosana Mookshah is a Product Consultant on the Brand & Digital Platforms Team at Directwest.

December 17th, 2018

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