Converting Local Customers in A Blink of An Eye

Have you ever felt like your loyal customer base was starting to slip away? You question if it was something you did or didn’t do, but then you hear that online shopping, and saving your dollars to spend at big box stores is all the rage.

Business in today’s economy is a rat race. It truly is. Local businesses have an uphill battle against the bulldogs like Amazon and eBay who continue to see their sales rise year-over-year, and local big box stores like Home Depot and Walmart continue to leverage their large advertising dollars and infrastructure to compete with those online retailers. But what does that mean for local businesses? From a consumer standpoint, everyone wants to support local the best way they know how, the reality is, it’s readily available information that is the end all, be all. Meaning messaging, and advertising in the right place at the right time is forming consumer buying behaviors and purchasing decisions, driving local dollars away from local businesses and into the hands of bulldogs.

So, here’s what to do if you are a Saskatchewan SMB. . .

Read my blog from April on how to have a strong Google My Business presence in 2019 to attract local buyers, and then see below for the latest and greatest on how to remain competitive with your Google presence this summer.

Holding a phone with Google's search bar display with a note book and coffee cup on wooden desk.

Google relies on keywords to push the most relevant results to users, but lately, Google has been focusing its efforts on user intent and satisfaction. The search engine understands the type of content that feeds users’ needs, which is why it holds its position as the most reliable, and reputable search engine on the planet. Satisfaction signals include everything from the search being easy for the user, to giving the user the information they are looking for in a timely manner. Knowing that Google pushes their own products to the top of Search Results, and rewards this highly relevant content, should be enough for you to start posting consistent content on your Google Knowledge Card.

I’ve gathered some examples below that showcase how these types of posts can be used. As a recap, these posts work well for ‘what’s new posts’, event posts, offer posts, and product posts with many different calls to action.

Miniature cars on pavement with yellow criss-cross road stripes.

Red atmosphere with black eight-legged spider.

Poster of Prairie Dog Best of Food 2019.

Hornoi Leasing advertisement of front of transportation truck.

What I like most about posting to the Google Knowledge Card is how diverse the messaging can be. Unlike other social platforms which are typically geared towards certain industries, Google posts are for all types of businesses and industries with many different intents (i.e., to share your specials, start talking about new product offerings, and to let people know about your upcoming events.).

Just like the examples shown above, showcasing your business through the right posts on Google can persuade users to buy from your business in a blink of an eye when they are looking to make a buying decision.

Utilizing your Google Knowledge Card as a mechanism to post content is a sure way to get more eyes on your business and is an off-site SEO tactic that will benefit your ranking online. It can be used to dominate in your local market when paired with other social channels, review and reputation management, and your website. Repurpose content to virally share your messaging and use it to drive traffic in the door, or to your website where the real buying happens.

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Lisa Mickler was a Product Consultant on the Revenue Growth team specializing in product development, strategy, and content.

June 14th, 2019

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