Major Changes Small Businesses Go Through: Technology

January 24, 2024

Change is constant and so is determining how to navigate it. If you’re a small business any level of change can seem major, especially if the desired outcome is not tangible, like a technology shift. Understanding why the change benefits you and what options you have can provide the needed support to keep moving in the right direction.

Embracing technological changes can offer numerous benefits. Among the list are:

Increased Efficiency:

  • Technology automates repetitive tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and value-add activities.
  • Streamlined processes lead to quicker decision-making and improved operational efficiency.

Cost Savings:

  • Certain technologies, such as cloud computing, reduce the need for physical infrastructure and associated costs.
  • Automation can lead to labour savings by minimizing manual, time-consuming tasks.

Improved Productivity:

  • Technology tools enhance productivity by providing collaboration platforms, communication tools, and project management solutions.
  • Access to real-time data enables quicker and more informed decision-making.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Technologies like CRM systems and online platforms improve customer interactions, leading to higher satisfaction.
  • E-commerce and online presence open new channels for customer engagement and sales.

Once you know the benefits that a technology change can bring to your business, you  need to determine what kind of new technology to adopt. It is important to perform your own research or work with a credible technology provider. This provider will assess your business’s current needs and identify gaps as it relates to your business’s goals. At Directwest, we have partnered with Thryv Business Software to help small businesses use technology to make doing business easier.