Not All Websites are Created Equal

October 10, 2019

Our website product has a lot to offer.  When it comes to designing a website for your online presence there are a lot of factors to consider.  In today’s world, simply having a website online is not going to be enough if you want your customers to find you.  Many sites are practically hidden and that is due to overlooking key elements of a well-built website.  At Directwest, our focus is on those key elements.

Here are some highlights of how we develop our customer’s websites:

Strategic design.

At Directwest, we design websites that are tailored to our customers’ specific needs.  Before we start developing a website, we take the time to understand our customer’s business and their strategic goals.  Our goal is to produce a website that works effectively for both them and their customers. 

Modern and current.

Today, having an online presence is very important and how you are perceived within that presence is equally important.  The look of your website can determine if potential customers will do business with you or not.  We are committed to delivering modern websites for our customers that their website visitors recognize and trust.

Get found.

We build our websites to perform well on search engine pages.  We cover all the basics that Google is looking for (and they are thorough) when ranking your website.  There are many factors in the world of search engine ranking.  Every component of your site matters and it is our goal to give you the best possible position within search engine results. 

We’ve got content.

At Directwest we can help fill in the gaps within your content so that your website offers your customers the information they are seeking.  A common website deficiency is a lack of text or information.  In order to be competitive online on search engines, you need to have a good amount of content for both your customers and the search engines.  If a website only contains a small amount of text across all the pages the website will not rank well. A successful website has to offer value and the content is what gives visitors that value. 

Mobile friendly.

Our sites are designed for optimal display on both desktop and mobile devices.  Everything from content organization to the inclusion of graphic elements is considered when designing how a site displays on different platforms.  There are many ways to view a website, so we work hard to ensure your site looks great across all browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

A website with value.

A website is your central hub for your online presence.  It is the next place you want your potential customers to go after they’ve seen a social media post or newspaper print ad.  We include Google Analytics for your website so you can see who is visiting your website and learn about how they are using it.  There is great value in understanding your customers and when customers come to your website, it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about them through how they access your content and use your site.

How your business is represented online is important to us and delivering a website that meets all of today’s requirements is our focus.  If you are interested in getting online for the first time or if you want to update your current website, contact Directwest today.


– Blair Maki is a Website Designer and Business Support Manager at Directwest.