What is Motivating Shoppers to Purchase this Holiday Season?

Christmas is only two weeks away and if your shelves are still full of product (holiday presents waiting to be purchased) we have some consumer behavior insights that can help move product out the door!

Understanding what your customers are looking for this year and what is motivating them to buy will help you position your products competitively. ‘Think with Google’ has researched three key behaviors of this year’s shoppers that we think are important for every business to know.

Shopping Trend 1: Consumers want to be inspired.

Thirty-four percent of Canadian shoppers say that discovering new products and getting new ideas are what they love most about shopping[1]. Shoppers are curious therefore it is your job to be the business that inspires them. Think creatively about your advertising efforts and start early!

Shopping Trend 2: Consumers are thrill seekers.

We define thrill seekers as the ‘high’ shoppers get when they find the best deal – no bungy jumping involved here. In fact, many shoppers (52% of Canadian shoppers[2]) hold off on making a purchase until they know they’ve got the best deal. Make it easy for your customers to see they are getting a good deal and include a promo or discount to use after the holidays to entice them back into your store.

Shopping Trend 3: Time is the most important asset.

Organize your store so it is easy to navigate, and products are effortless to find. Ensure you have flexible options for returns and enough staff to assist all customers in the store. Almost half (49%) of Canadian shoppers’ factor in the type of return policy a business offers before they purchase[3]. Shoppers that become frustrated or can’t find what they are looking for are less likely to return.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Directwest!




1,2&3 Google/Ipsos, Shopper Tracker, Q2 2019, Online survey, CA 18+ who shopped in the last two days (n=2,737)

December 9th, 2019

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