Managing your Business’s Reputation

Understanding and managing your business’s online presence

You are a busy small business owner. On top of all the numerous functions you perform each day, and night (yawn), you also need to manage your business’s online reputation. What are your customers saying about you? Are they talking about you positively? And, if they aren’t, how will you know and what can you do to change the conversation?

Having the right tools and support are keys to success when navigating the online world. Knowing what you need to know (there is never a dumb question!) can also be difficult to define. I’ve compiled a list to get you started:

  • Ensure your business is found when customers are searching and you need to confirm you are listed properly
  • Gain insights into your reputation (what is being said, and not said) about your business
  • Understand what current and potential future customers are saying so that you can act when needed
  • Retain loyal customers so they become advocates for your business
  • Gather customer feedback and collect online reviews for analysis and to share

The best tool for a job this big is Reputation Management Software. You can monitor reviews, listings, mentions and even keep tabs on how often your business is turning up in local searches compared to your competitors! As well, notifications will be set-up to alert you when your business is being talked about. Since 84% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations you will have peace of mind knowing you have a hold on the reputation of your business.

My next blog will help you understand how you compare to your competitors. Stay tuned…


– Sarah Elchuk is a member of the Marketing Team at DirectWest. Sarah has experience in Sponsorship and Product Development and currently works on the Research & Strategy and Content Teams.

November 27, 2017

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