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The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. Read what some of our 20,000 customers have to say about our work and how we’ve helped them connect with customers!


Meet Wendy. According to Wendy, “Insurance isn’t sexy, but you’ve still got to attract new customers.” Not an easy task when everyone at Campbell & Haliburton Insurance is already busy. That’s why they turned to us. As well as creating a website and digital display ads, we’ve helped them use social media to engage with a bigger audience – and keep them interested. As Wendy says, “we now have a voice, and it’s great that people are listening.”


Meet Spiro. His Dad started Western Pizza back in ’76. Since then, the legendary sauce recipe hasn’t changed much, but marketing has. Spiro’s first to admit that an online presence is a must, but there’s no time for that when you’ve got Regina to feed. So, Spiro got us to revamp his website, provide ongoing content for Facebook and Twitter and take care of the restaurant’s online reputation. Everything they need to ensure their image is always as fresh as their hot-out-the-oven pizza.


Meet Barbara. She’s been working with us since she started the Dog’s Den Training School 18 years ago, which is 92 in doggie years. Back then she just had a listing in the phonebook, but times have changed so we’ve also moved her into the digital world. Now she meets with her Directwest advisor to ensure she is always being found through search on Mysask411 and Google. It all helps her attract more pet parents. Proof, as Barbara admits, that you can teach a dog trainer new tricks.


Meet Daryl. Daryl co-owns Driven Automotive Repair Centre. He’s worked in the auto industry for over 30 years, so he knows the right tools and the right experience get the job done right. That’s why, when he decided to give his marketing a tune-up, he came to us. We created a mobile-responsive website with a handy online booking request form, plus we also manage his online reputation because, as Daryl says, good reviews are vital for his business. Daryl likes it when things run smoothly, and so do we.


Meet Melissa. She’s been working at Richardson Lighting – where she’s a partner – for 27 years. Melissa’s seen lighting fashions come and go, but one thing remains the same; people always need lights. And when they’re looking, she knows her business will be found. Her Mysask411 profile gives potential customers all the info they need, plus links to her website and Facebook page. It all ensures Melissa’s business stays in the spotlight.


Meet Arlen. He’s a real chip off the old block; he took over his family’s stair and railing business, Canadian Oakworks Ltd, in 2014. Over the years the business has changed with the trends, and with a little help from us they’ve evolved how they attract customers too. Now his business info’s on our Mysask411 app, and we’ve raised his online search results through Google+. Yep, we take care of the online stuff, so Arlen doesn’t have to put down his tools.

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