4 Reasons to Consider Texting Your Customers

I know you do it. We all know you do it – A couple of quick swipes and you’ve clicked that button. You’ve landed on a website. You’ve clicked on their little telephone icon button. And, you’ve started to call that business. Before this digital age, phone conversations with businesses were essential. From booking appointmentsRead More

Give the Gift of Food

‘Tis the season to Eat, Drink, and be Merry. But did you know food bank use in Saskatchewan has increased 77% since 2008? Over 30,000 people in our province depend on their local food bank. To spread some holiday cheer, and help ensure people in our province know where their next meal is coming from,Read More

The Story Behind The Book

SaskaEver wonder who delivers your copy of the SaskTel Phonebook? In partnership with Directwest, my official search partner, I learned a thing or two about what happens behind the scenes during the annual phonebook distribution this fall and who the folks are that deliver the books. Did you know that your phonebook was likely deliveredRead More

So, what is that thing we call an SSL Certificate?

For those of us keeping track of Google’s latest security news, an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) is a step towards a more secure web environment. But what does that really mean? It means, Google has made changes to its Chrome browser, requiring all websites to have the SSL certificate to appear as secure. Here,Read More

Right Up My Valley

PhototThe Saskatchewanderer uses the Mysask411 app to find the business and local information he needs as he tours our wonderful province.  As a result, I had an opportunity to spend a rainy, windy September day sharing my favourite Qu’Appelle Valley spots with him. I would love to share them with you, as well. The Qu’AppelleRead More

Saskatoon’s Lorne Figley is the World’s Oldest Plumber

WokWite He’s the world’s oldest plumber, according to the Guinness World Records. But he’s also quick-witted, highly educated and has no intention of retiring any time soon. Lorne Figley is not your average 95-year-old. On a regular workday, he’s making house calls and successfully running his heating and plumbing business, Broadway Heating Ltd. I calledRead More

Saskatchewan is Social, but is your business?

Experts, articles, podcasts and more endlessly chatter about the need and value of getting your business on social media. But such opinions often focus on all social media everywhere. While that might work for global brands, does a local business need to be found an social media everywhere? In this article, we break from the pack to focusRead More

Customers Crave Content – Regina ChamberLink Article, March 2017

Customers crave content. Give it to them – at the right time and in the right way. One question we believe keeps business owners up at night is: ‘What do customers really want?’  And how do we know this? Because we ask ourselves the same question all the time. We’ve come to know that there is noRead More

5 Romantic Saskatchewan Winter Getaways for 5 Types of Relationships

February is the month of love in North America. This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday – right in the middle of the week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t extend the celebration of romance right into the long weekend and throughout the rest of winter. Here are five romantic Saskatchewan winter getaway destinationsRead More

Time is money and we know how to help you save both!

In this fast paced, multi-tasking world I’m always looking for experts to help. It’s not that I can’t do a great job of the task myself, but I am already in ‘full time everything’ mode (full time job + full time family = full time life!) and adding another function will mean that quality suffersRead More

Managing your Business’s Reputation

Understanding and managing your business’s online presence You are a busy small business owner. On top of all the numerous functions you perform each day, and night (yawn), you also need to manage your business’s online reputation. What are your customers saying about you? Are they talking about you positively? And, if they aren’t, howRead More

Google Basic

If you’re a small business owner, digital advertising for your business can be overwhelming. With so many options available to you, it’s hard to keep up to date on the non-stop changes in technology, let alone choose an option that’s right for you and your business. Like with anything, you have to start somewhere. Let’sRead More

All businesses need a Website!

“Give me a second, I’ll Google it.” I’m willing to bet if you haven’t uttered this phrase yourself, you’ve heard it, probably more than a few times. For most people (whether we’re willing to admit it or not), our day to day lives revolve around the internet. From research for work to online shopping orRead More

Contents in Trunk are More Logical than they Appear.

Like many, I’ve been following Andrew Hiltz, the 2017 Saskatchewanderer, online via his blog and social media channels, but sometimes I get to wander with him, in person. I recently took a road trip with Andrew from Regina to Saskatoon and back to introduce him to DirectWest’s digital design partner, zu, for a sneak peek at the workRead More

Wandering with Purpose

In my role as the Marketing Manager responsible for DirectWest’s own advertising and promotions, I’m constantly seeking new ways to get our complex, dual message out to both our customers (how DirectWest can help them be found and connect with their customers) and to our users (how Mysask411 can help them find accurate local informationRead More

Connect with your Customers Today!

Today’s consumer audience is more disjointed than ever. We use multiple electronic devices and print media, and frequently switch between them. In this complex retail environment, it is becoming challenging for businesses to reach their target audience, and even more difficult to grow and engage with that audience. Many opportunities will arise for businesses whenRead More

DirectWest Launches New Mysask411 App to Get Local Information On-The-Go

DirectWest is proud to announce the launch of the new Mysask411 App, now completely rebuilt to help you discover Saskatchewan like never before – with accurate and up-to-date business information that is refreshed daily. Whether you are a consumer looking to find a painter, restaurant, dentist or professional service provider and more nearby, or aRead More

DirectWest Launches New and Enhanced Digital Marketing Products for Saskatchewan

DirectWest, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SaskTel, is excited to announce the launch of new and enhanced Digital Marketing Services for Saskatchewan businesses. For over 100 years DirectWest has been passionate about connecting businesses and consumers. As the methods consumers use to connect with businesses change, so do the products we offer. DirectWest’s Vice President ofRead More

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